Pool Opening & Closing


It’s that time of year and the pool cover is coming off!
How will you get your water chemistry right and your
pool clean and ready for swimming? Let Bond Aquatic Maintenance handle everything for you. Call us today to schedule an appointment and have one of our professionals get your pool ready for swimming.


We will fill your pool water, balance chemistry, open all returns and connect fittings, clean your pool and safety cover (if applicable), connect all equipment, and ensure that your system runs properly.


It’s always a sad day when we realize those long summer days are coming to a close.  It’s time to think about how and when to winterize your inground pool. Winter pool closing steps must be done in a very specific order to ensure your equipment is protected and you will have an easy opening. If these important steps are not carried out properly, you could be opening yourself up to a giant headache come springtime. Let Bond Aquatic Maintenance take the hassle out of closing your pool or spa.


We will lower the water level, drain plumbing, remove fittings and cap all returns, apply anti-freeze to plumbing, add Winter closing chemicals, and shut down system.

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